March 25, 2008

The perfect icecream cone!

I accidentally stumbled upon a great invention! Mini sized ice cream cones. Notice the size of the cone in comparison to Luke's sippy cup! We went to Wal-Mart to get some icecream Friday night. We bought mint chocolate chip and icecream cones. I was trying to get the plain cake cones. I grabbed the box of cones that were not assorted colors. We came home to have some ice cream and I opened the box to find tiny sized cones! They are 2 inches tall. I was dissapointed at first. They looked so small! But, it turned out to be the perfect size for the boys. Wilson and Luke really enjoyed the cones! Okay, I'll admit it, I had two! Andy skipped the cone due to the size and had a bowl of icecream. For his size bowl of icecream it would have taken 10 c0nes at least. Just kidding!! Here is a picture of Luke last night enjoying some more icecream!


Cara said...

Precious! Are them milk/nut free??? The girls would love those!

Alyssa said...

I think so. The label just says contains wheat. You'll have to double check though!