March 16, 2008

First Practice!

Wilson's first T-ball practice was today. We were there for an hour and after about 45 minutes he was ready for it to be over. He had a great attitude and worked hard. It looked like he was being a good listener and listening to the coaches. When we got there, I asked his coach, Jamie, what he wanted to be called. He said Coach. Simple enough! There were 3 stations that the team rotated through- ground balls, throwing the ball and batting. The first time Wilson threw the ball he threw it from his gloved hand! I was cracking up. He already met a friend, Mason, and I met Mason's mom and had someone to talk to. We have another practice on Thursday and Saturday after the Easter Egg Hunt. Will's first game is April 12th, if you want to come!

*It's nice to have something to post about b/c all I've wanted to do is complain about how crappy I feel. This takes my mind off of things. Last week wasn't so good. Got sick 5 out of 7 mornings. I'm 12 weeks. Hopefully this will fade. I'm still getting bad stomach aches. Thursday night I burst into tears because I'd had a stomach ache for 7 hours. I couldn't handle it anymore. That was the worst stomach day.


Anonymous said...

He looks so little!! Remember our softball days? Let me know what time and where the game is -- I would love to come!

Cara said...

Love the pic's! We are excited to come watch the T-ball star!

Sarah said...

Sorry you're feeling so yucky...hope it passes for you soon. Were you very sick with your other 2?

vlmeans said...

T-ball is great fun. Enjoy it while you can. My son is 15 and trying out for Varsity. It is very intense.

I am sorry you feel so bad. Hope you feel better soon.

Vickie Means

Ma-maw said...

Love reading your blog. And really
hope you get this comment. Let
me know. Mamaw