May 4, 2008


The NB certification process is done!! At least until November when I find out if I passed or not! I feel very good about the test I took yesterday. I think I did well. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

We had a great rest of the day. I came home and ran down the street to a birthday party of one of my students for about 1/2 an hour. My mom came and took the boys to see the racetrack, horses, and all kinds of stuff. They ended up having so much fun they were gone for a long time!
During that time Andy and I had a lunch date and went to eat Chinese food. That spur of the moment, just the two of us stuff doesn't happen much anymore so that was really nice! Then we came home and relaxed and I started getting ready for my Mary Kay Debut. Which is this afternoon. Andy went to Lowe's and bought a shelf for my inventory and I unpacked the boxes and cleared them out of the foyer! Much better. Hopefully there will be at least 10 people at Cara's today for the debut.

Yesterday early evening Wilson had a t-ball game. He did great! Ran after several balls in the outfield and was up to bat twice. He hit the ball and made it to first base both times! He even scored his first run. At the end he walked across the field with his team to give high five's to the other team. That was the first time he participated in that. He is really enjoying t-ball now!

Last night Andy and Wilson mowed the front yard while Luke and I picked up sticks. It was a great day!

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