May 13, 2008


So last night Andy and I made an offer on a house! We heard the counter offer today and re-countered this evening. We've found a realtor that has been very helpful and nice. She has offered good advice. The house we've made an offer on is 2900 square feet! Over twice as big as our current house. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, a huge rec room in the basement a laundry room and a small room that is a big storage closet. Plus a deck, two fireplaces, a huge garage, and a whirlpool bathtub in the master bathroom! It seems too good to be true. The house needs work. Lots of work. It has so much potential though. It has been a rental for 5 years and renters just don't take good care of things it seems. The house we are in currently was a rental and it needed TONS of work. That is how we get good deals on homes we couldn't otherwise afford! Thank goodness I have a super handy husband that fixes things very professionally.
So honestly I'm trying not to get overly excited- there is an uneven area on the basement floor we're getting looked at this week to make sure it's not damage to the foundation from water damage or something. Plus, he has to accept our offer/come to an agreement. And the home has to pass the complete inspection. So, I'm trying to be cautiously excited about the possibility. I'm honestly not obsessing over it- I have a sense of peace about the whole thing. I know if this is the home for our family it will work out. Oh, and the best news of all- the realtor that is selling the home also owns the home. He wants to do a trade. Meaning he will buy our home - AS IS - . Yes, you read that correctly. We would have money to put down towards the new home and only have 1 closing and not have to get our house ready to sell or on the market or ANYTHING!!! This is HUGE! So a big plus for this specific home to work out. Say a prayer that we can come to an agreement and there are no major issues with the home.


Anonymous said...

Where is this house?? How exciting! Keep in mind . . . Curtis and I like to paint!!

Erin said...

That is so exciting!

Patti Money said...

How awesome for you guys! I'm praying that it works out for you. The whole house-buying process is SO complicated sometimes, what with offers and counter-offers and inspections, appraisals, loans,etc. We made our initial offer on April 11, we close this Friday, and it was only last Thursday that we knew "for sure" that the sale would go through! Our sellers are a retired couple in Florida who don't believe in technology after 1980 (they don't even have an answering machine-sigh). I hope your process is quicker and smoother!

The house sounds great! You definitely need the space, now that there will be FIVE of you!

Stephanie said...

We drove by the guys are closer! A possible walk from one neighborhood to the other. We are so excited for you guys!