May 18, 2008

Updates Around Here

* We're getting the basement floor of the house we made an offer on checked out tomorrow. After we know the cause of the uneven floor we'll continue with the counter-offer process. I really hope it's nothing major. I'm ready to know if the house is a possibility or not!! If it passes tomorrow then we'll just need it to have a good inspection. I'm just praying for peace about the situation and I know if this is the house we're supposed to have it will work out. It's just hard to wait and see!
* Wilson had two t-ball games this past week. He struggled at the beginning of each one since Daddy was working and couldn't be there. He pulled through though, each game and played in the outfield and batted! I'm SO proud of him when he hits and makes it to the base! Yesterday he told me when he grows up he wants to be a t-ball player!
* Wilson helped me with the cleaning yesterday! He vacummed the living room/dining room while I dusted. Then he wanted to clean some windows! He did a pretty good job. It was nice to have a willing helper!
* 8 more days of school!!! EIGHT!!!
* This next week 2nd grade has a BIG performance on Thursday and Friday. Our annual Fractured Fairy Tales program. I'm crossing my fingers that we can pull it off!! The kids are doing a great job.
* Mary Kay is going pretty well. I was the top seller in my unit last week! At the meeting I was the Queen of Sales and had to wear a tiara. It was a little embarrassing! Jenn and I kept laughing. Although she was technically the Queen of Pampering herself!!
* Andy got to go backpacking this weekend, one of the activities he loves to do the most! We're glad he's coming home! The boys and I did have a good weekend though!
*Friday night we went out to eat with my mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, and a couple friends. Saturday we ran some errands and did t-ball. Then had dinner at my grandparents. They had made Chicken & Dumplins, one of my favorites. But for some reason I wasn't feeling well. Got sick. Threw up everything in the middle of dinner. Came home put the boys in the bathtub and just felt awful. It passed and I'm feeling better today.
*Looking forward to Tuesday, no school!

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