May 19, 2008


Luke has the croup. I took him to the doctor today afterschool. He has a bad cough and had a fever yesterday. Apparently the croup is going around and there isn't anything you can do for that other than ibuprofen for the fever, cool mist humidifier, and honey for the cough. He did ask for more green beans tonight at dinner!
The basement floor of the house we're looking at is uneven due to settling. The structural engineer man came out to look at it today. He said this is very common with basement floors. They pulled the carpet back and checked it out. There aren't any cracks in the walls of the foundation or anything so he said it's not a big deal. If we get the house, before we get new carpet we can level the floor out. We are waiting to hear from the other realtor to see if he accepts our offer or not.

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