May 20, 2008

Signed Contract!

We have an official deal on the house!! We came to an agreement last night and re-wrote the offer with our realtor this morning. Our next 2 steps are to get a complete inspection and to go see the loan officer. Pray that the inspection will not produce any major problems. I'm starting to get excited! We went to Lowe's today to look at stove's. The stove in the house is about 30 years old, it is original to when the house was built. Apparently, it was a top of the line stove...THEN. It looks really old now! While we were there we picked up paint samples. Lots of khaki, blues, and greens. I'm excited about new paint colors! I was wanting to repaint here! Now we might get to do it in our new house!

We had a good day off. Wrote contract with realtor, went to the bank, post office and out to lunch. We tried Puccini's which was really good. Andy and I both got the lunch special b/c I had a coupon for it which came with 1 slice of pizza, salad, and a drink. The boys shared a slice of pizza and then we ordered 1/2 an order of breadsticks that come with homemade marinara. It was yummy! They also have calzones and pasta. The calzones looked really good. I definitely want to go back! Andy is off to high ropes training for a local college, he is wanting to be able to lead high ropes. The boys and are are having dinner at my mom's. I just made a dessert with Wilson - not sure what to call it. It is part of the Pampered Chef Confetti Crisps recipe but just the cracker/caramel/chocolate part. They are cooling right now. Yummy! Gotta finish up some laundry too.

I think I need to start putting a note on my alarm clock on days off that says, "Yes, you get to sleep in (until your boys wake you up!) today." I don't think I told you about how I woke up the day after my NB test and thought I'd missed the test. I woke up and said "I overslept, I missed the test." Andy was like, "no, it's Sunday. You took the test yesterday." Since then I've woken up panicked about oversleeping at least one other time. Today I shot up in bed at 6:15 and said "Crap, is it Monday?" Andy said "no, you're off, it's Tuesday." I don't like waking up with that panicky feeling!

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