May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It has been such a wonderful day! I got to sleep in and the boys woke me up with breakfast in bed. Wilson chose to make cinnamon rolls and Andy had made me an omelet. Wilson and Luke had colored me pictures and brought in these balloons they had gotten when they had pictures made for mother's Day!! Andy took the boys to the mall and had their pictures made for me without me knowing! I've had "picture appt" on my to do list FOREVER so this meant a lot to me. The pictures are so good and they are in coordinating polo shirts and look so happy. They were so proud of themselves for having kept it a secret and I was proud of them too. It was a GREAT present. After church we ate lunch at Moe's and then I cam home and took a good, long nap. The best part is Andy doesn't have to work tonight so he is home for the rest of the evening! He usually leaves for work about now and gets home around (or after) bedtime. We will really enjoy having him home tonight!

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