May 31, 2008

School's Out!!

My 7th year of teaching is over! It was a good feeling to walk out of there yesterday. I had a good year and overall great class but I'm so glad it's over! Next week I'll go in Monday to finish packing up my room for summer cleaning. Andy is going to come help for a while as my muscle man. Then Wednesday and Friday I have PD for next year. My team and I have reservations for PF Chang's on Wednesday. We received a gift certificate from our student teachers to use as a team so we've saved it for our end of the year celebration. I need to find a long term sub for maternity leave in the fall and that is worrying me right now. I'm dreading back to school time since I will be cow sized and having to unpack and set up my room without any energy! I hope I can find a good sub. Summer plans aren't set yet but we're hoping we'll be moving. We are going to West Virginia for several days - Andy has a youth mission trip there and the boys and I will be visiting his Nanny. We've talked about a short trip to Cinncinatti to take Wilson to an indoor climbing place and then take the boys to Kings Island. I want to take the boys swimming a lot (just have to get a maternity bathing suit first) and spend lots of time relaxing! I hope to have several Mary Kay parties over the summer (let me know if you want to host!!). Have a great summer!

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Sarah said...

I feel your pain about unpacking your room while being as big as a cow--PACKING it up and taking it all home has been quite the undertaking this week!! Especially since my classroom is on the 3rd floor and the elevator is a mile away from everything! Good luck to you! :)