May 14, 2008

My NOT broken!!

Well, my clumsiness got the best of me Monday night. Our realtor had just come over so we could make an offer on the house and I was pushing the highchair away from the table. Somehow I managed to stub the 4th toe on my right foot - bad. It hurt so much but I couldn't yelp in pain or cry because our realtor was there. No one knew what I had done I hid it so well. While we were sitting at the table I knew my foot was hurting . I took my sock off (inconspicuously) and checked it out. It was swollen and already bruising. Now, I've stubbed my toe several times in my life time and NEVER had a toe bruise. This one is pink and purple all over, top and bottom as of today. It's been sore. I called the doctor this morning and they said they did want to check it out. My appointment was a 3:40. I walked out at 5:20. I saw the doctor, had 3 x-rays on my foot, (I was triple shielded and they only got x-rays of my foot) then went back upstairs to the doctor. No fractures. Just a bad bruise. Whew! (I had trouble getting a good picture of the bruising. A lot of the bruising is underneath my toe.) If you haven't read my other foot post about my clumsy foot stabbing you should read this!


Cara said...

You have got to start wearing shoes!! Where do you think you live, KY or something? :)

Stephanie said...

I "stubbed" my pinkie toe just Monday night, but luckily I didn't break it either(you rubbing off on me???). I have broken that same toe three times catching it on chairs. I don't know how you kept from screaming....that is practically what I was doing...not to mention my lamaze breathing. Hey if it worked for childbirth, why not a broken toe?...ha ha!