March 23, 2009

Wilson, 5 going on 15?

So...Wilson thinks a girl at our church is beautiful! Last week we were making cards for Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Bill's birthdays. Wilson said he wanted to make a card for Natalie too. I said, ok, why do you want to make Natalie a card? He said "because she is just so beautiful." He said it 2-3 other times while making her card. This Sunday he remembered to bring the card and actually gave it to her! He must have gotten a little embarrased right before he gave it to her because he started folding it up several times. He told me she liked his card. He has been saying funny things about wanting her to come over and see his legos, wanting her to watch him at t-ball practice (we saw her at the ball park and he kept asking me if she had watched him practice), and wanting her to come to his birthday party again next year. We were doing an easter devotion Saturday night and the boys were sharing something they loved more than money. What did Wilson say? I love Natalie more than money...He's got it, bad! There is also a little girl at preschool he has been talking about a lot lately too - Ashley. Before Ashley it was Abby...Uh-oh. He's going to break a lot of hearts with those big brown eyes! I'm really trying to downplay the whole thing, not asking about girlfriends or encouraging any of that this early!!!

Another cute story about Wilson- I rented Bolt for them. Won't do that again! They loved it until the end. Wilson started sobbing when Bolt was caught in the house. Then at the end he was SO scared b/c of the bad guy- shaking and crying and left the room. He wouldn't watch the end. Poor thing. He told me to never rent that movie again. I won't! It was so sad when he cried over the dog and I hate that I rented a kid's movie that scared him. Oops!

He has done well at his first 2 t-ball practices! He hasn't fussed and has willingly participated. HUGE improvement over last year! Go Reds!

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