March 18, 2009

A great day!

With a day as beautiful as today was, how could it not be great?! Add to that a super easy dinner, shopping at the consignment sale, a strawberry/blueberry smoothie and new shoes! I spent the evening with Ty while everyone else went to church. After shopping at the sale we ran over to the mall so I could get a new pair of crocs. I love the crocs that I have (flip flops and mary janes) and have wanted the pair I bought today for at least a year! I let myself buy them tonight. Then found another pair I like! They keep coming out with new styles. Anway, I treated myself to a smoothie and then Tyler and I ran to get a few things at the grocery. Came home, gave Ty a bath and then the big boys came home. The best news: our house is being shown tomorrow! Not just once, TWICE!!! Once at 12:30 and once at 3:30. I'm so thankful to know tonight. Here is what I wish, that they would both love our house and we'd have two contracts! Ha! Anyway, it is very promising since the pics of the house aren't even up on the website yet, just the info. We're also going to see another home tomorrow night. I'm feeling excited! Now I've got to do a little straightning and putting away to be ready for the showings!

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Cara said...

I'll be praying they both love the house!