March 21, 2009

Good News & Bad News

Good news first:
* our house is being shown twice today and was shown once yesterday

Bad news:
* the house we were looking at and liked sold
* found out Wilson has allergies, started him on claritin
* Luke has an ear infection
* I had a breakdown at the walk-in clinic. Went in because I thought I had mastitis again. Aching body, fever. They don't think it was mastitis but think it's the flu. Flu test came back negative. After being there for 1 1/2 hours I started crying (sleep deprivation will do this to you). She started asking me questions about Ty and then we were talking about nights. Once she realized I hadn't had a full uninterrupted night of sleep in over 6 months she got serious. Told me my immune system is down, that he doesn't need to eat in the middle of the night, I need to rest all weekend and only do feedings, etc. So I got home a little after 8. Fed Ty and changed his diaper. Called my mom to see if we could come hang out during the showings and finally got to eat dinner. Went to bed and woke up around 2, realizing that I hadn't fed Ty. Went back to sleep and woke up at 6, hadn't heard Ty yet still! I went in and fed him and went back to bed! He slept through the night! I hope this continues!


Boo said...

Your good news bad news list doesn't seem to be very even! Sorry about the house and being sick!I hope you can get some rest this weekend and Ty keeps sleeping through the night!

Anonymous said...

Girl, listen to your doctor. You need your sleep! I would hate to pull my mean nurse card out for you!! Get lots of rest this weekend. Love ya!