March 27, 2009

House Update

What a week! We've been inside many homes trying to find the right one for us. We were booted out of our home for 6 showings. But it was all worth it because we have a signed contract on our house! One week after listing our house online we had an offer. Then on Wednesday we received our second offer causing the first people to increase what their offer! They then offered what we would have countered. We accepted their offer without countering and rejected offer #2. We also found a house we like. It's 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, basement, fireplace, big kitchen, huge backyard, on a court, and over 2000 square feet! It's really nice. We made an offer last night. This house is going through a relocation company so it will be awhile before we hear if they accepted/countered our offer or not. We're hoping!

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Curtis and Tricia said...

Yeah! Is this the house I emailed you the other day in Harrods Point (or something like that)? Had you seen it already?? Can't wait to hear!!