March 14, 2009

Wow. What a week!

Life has been way too busy lately. I don't even know where to begin! The whirlwind of working full time, having 3 children, and trying to get our house ready to list is pushing me over the edge. Andy and I are both exhausted (me from the list above and still nursing in the night and Andy from staying up too late working on the house). I feel like I'm never going to be well rested EVER again. I know it will pass but when you're going on 6months+ it sure feels that way! This week I had meetings after school, the boys went to the dentist, and we worked on the house. Today I had my haircut, gave free makeovers at church for the mom's retreat, and then went to a fun baby shower for Kylie! It was so good to see her and Joe!

The boys are doing well. Last night we were getting out of the van. Wilson saw an older couple walk up next to us to get into their car. The man dropped a key. Wilson said "Sir, you dropped something." He made me SO proud! He was so polite! As we walked away I told him how proud that made me that he was so polite and had such nice manners! Good to know it's in him! :) Lately when I come home from work Luke sees me and tell me he is ready for his "nack" (snack). He says "Hey mom, I want my nack." It is so cute. After talking to my teacher friends about this I realize he only doesn't say s's when it is sn...! Tyler is doing well. He is 6 months old now! Hard to believe. So it is time to do the rice cereal for real now. Twice a day will be our goal. He is precious. I had a rough night on Tuesday in regards to his PWS. It just got to me. The longevity of dealing with it and always checking for complications caused by the PWS. I love him just the way he is but after talking to my mom, I know that I will have hard days as I learn to process what all of the doctor visits are telling us.

So, in a nutshell: School is fine. I am sleep deprived. We're putting our house on the market. Wilson, Luke, and Ty are the best little boys a mama could ever wish for! Tyler is happy and healthy. I love my husband! I've not gotten to watch tv in so long I don't even remember which episode of my two shows (DH, GA) I've missed. I need to clean my house. I need to tag all of the clothes for the consignment sale. I need sleep.

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Laura said...

i applaud you for keeping up with the breast feeding - that was hard, exhausting, hunger-inducing, and hormonal for me. i feel for you.