March 29, 2009

One Sweet Boy!

On Thursday I came home to find these beautiful Gerbera Daisys on my dining room table! My sweet little Lukie bought these for me with his own money - just because. Earlier in the week the boys had gone to my parents house during a house showing. They cleaned up a large tree branch from the front yard (Gamma told them she would pay them to help her). Gampa happened to be the one home so he paid each of them for helping. Andy took them to Mei*jer to let them buy a transformer they were both wanting but when Luke walked into the store he said he wanted to buy his mommy flowers! Andy let him pick them out and thankfully he still had money to get his transformer. He was so proud of himself and of course I just about cried because it was such a sweet gesture from my snuggle-bug.


Cara said...

You're raising a little heartbreaker!

Sarah said...

How sweet is that?!?! Awww!!!

Anonymous said...

He is such a sweet boy! He will make a girl so happy one day (a LONG time from now of course!). You are one lucky lady!!