March 7, 2009

One step closer...

to putting our house on the market! It's been a CRAZY week. I'm exhausted as usual. I need to go to bed! We met with our realtor this past Thursday and are finishing up a few things before we list our house. We're hoping to have it listed in about 1 week. We were very busy today! Here's what I did:
*woke up too early b/c of the boys
*made eggs, turkey bacon, and frozen biscuits for breakfast
*worked on my consignment sale stuff (bagging ,entering tags in computer, etc) - so far 121 items!
*got the boys haircut
*made taco hummus
*return to Mich*ael's and bought Ty and easter basket while there
*return to Toysr*us and bought Finley's b-day present while there
*went to walm*art to get baggies for the consignment sale
*painted the garage door
*put a few things away in the attic
*made pepperoni rolls
*made potato, broccoli, cheddar soup
*went out for dessert to celebrate Steph's b-day
*washed dishes, loaded dishwasher
*talked to my mom on the phone for almost an hour
*packed one box of clutter
*went to my mom's to pick up a few more wire hangers and visited for a bit

Unfortunately there are still a lot of things on my list to get done this weekend! I need to clean the kitchen cabinets and baseboard so Andy can do paint touch-ups, I really need a nap tomorrow, make menu/grocery list for next week, pick up ergo carrier from Cara so I don't break my back carrying Ty in the bjorn anymore, and CLEAN! The week ahead will be busy too as we get the last few things done before pictures/listing of the house. It's looking good!


Cara said...

wow, you got a lot done! I'll drop the Ergo by this week. Did you get the comforter?

Sarah said...

That's amazing! I sure wish we were ready to buy a house right now, because I'm sure yours is wonderful...but we won't be ready for a while yet!