July 19, 2009

10 Months

Here he is eating pancakes!

Tyler is 10 months old! He is eating all table food now though sometimes I still feed him oatmeal cereal with applesauce mixed in for breakfast. He loves to eat, that hasn't changed! He is now saying "uh-oh" and it is ADORABLE!! He is not crawling or pulling up yet which is fine with me! He is getting up on his knees and rocking every now and then. He has taken to using me as a pacifier while on vacation so I am glad to be home and have him in his own room! He doesn't have much time left for that! He is pretty vocal and loves to watch his brothers. He thinks they are something special! He does not like sand. While we were at the beach he was sitting on a towel under his beach tent and the towel got scooted out from under one of his legs. He held that leg up so it wouldn't touch the sand! I had to fix the towel back under him. He did not like it when we tried to put his feet in the ocean or the sand. He would start screaming right away! He loves being at the pool once he gets over the initial shock of the water! His hair is getting really long around his ears and he still has just 2 teeth. He is as cuddly as ever and my sweetheart. We go back to CCH early August to the Hemangioma unit. His PWS looks dark today but I barely noticed it at the beach. Weird how it changes from day to day. He is perfect and happy and adorable! Love you TW!

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