July 9, 2009


I finally have Luke eating breakfast again! He hasn't been much of a breakfast eater the past couple months. He always used to eat a cereal bar. I guess he got sick of those because he started eating less and less of his bar each day. Then recently we switched to cereal. He would eat a couple bites. So I started giving it to him dry and he would just eat a little. One morning this week I offered him non breakfast foods and he ate! Since then he's been eating a cheese stick, gogurt, and crackers. I'm so glad he is eating breakfast again! He takes after his momma- I don't eat many breakfast foods for breakfast either!

Wilson on the other hand has taken to eating cereal with milk using a FORK! He loves cereal right now and will drink the milk when he's through. He's been eating fruity cheerios or Kix lately. He takes after his daddy who eats cereal everyday!

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