July 21, 2009

School Shopping

I spent 2 hours with Wilson all by himself today for school shopping! We started with lunch at Puccini's. Wilson wanted pizza for lunch. Then we headed over to Walmart and bought all of his supplies for Kindergarten. He chose green scissors and counted out the right number of crayon boxes and glue sticks. He was excited! Then we went over to Target and he picked out a pair of plaid shorts that he liked. I found a matching shirt and we were done! He was very easy to shop with and is all set for the first day! I think our back to school shopping tradition will always be in late July before my hectic back to school time starts up. We had such a nice time together!


Gayla said...

Enjoy these times....they'll be gone before you know it.

Debbie said...

I agree 100% with Gayla, but then you relive them when you have grandkids! Wilson is so cute. I love the time you spent back to school shopping. Seems like no time ago, that's what Becky and I did. I can't wait to have him at CME!