July 3, 2009

Cake Pop Party

Jenn and Laura

My sister, Cara

Sister in Law, Stephanie

Some of my cake pops. (I am not a photographer!)

Remember this post? Well I decided 4th of July was a great opportunity to try making cake pops! I emailed all the girls that commented on the blog that they wanted to come to a cake pop party. We got together this morning and tried making our own cake pops! It was much harder than Bakerella and Pioneer Woman make it look...but we did get the hang of it eventually! We all left with some cute cake balls. We had trouble make the cupcake looking cake pops. Jenn was able to make several cute stars and flowers. The rest of us stuck to the cake ball on a stick. Cute!I would like to make these again for halloween. I had trouble with my cake balls because I hadn't used enough frosting in my cake to get the cake to stick together. I added some extra frosting to some cake and mixed again which worked. I also used some of Cara's cake balls. We found that it was ok to add the frosting to a warm cake. Make sure you cake balls are very cold or they will fall apart in the candy coating. Make sure your candy is thin. We used crisco to thin the melted candy. I haven't eaten any yet other than one bite but I'll try one tomorrow!

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Abby said...

How cute! It looks like you had a good time! What a fun idea Alyssa!