October 7, 2009

Another set of tubes?

Wilson has had trouble with fluid on his ears for about 3 weeks. He's been having trouble hearing and home and at school. Made a follow-up appt for today and they said he still has lots of fluid and the nurse at the appt today did a hearing test and said he did really bad on it...so we have been referred to the ENT for tubes. Calling tomorrow to make the appointment.

Officially done nursing.

Luke points with his middle finger. All the time. With his MIDDLE finger!

Should I chop off my hair?

Fall break next week!


Erin said...

Sorry to hear about Wilson, but so happy for you that you are DONE!!!

Curtis and Tricia said...

1. Poor Will! He will probably notice a world of difference after the tubes!
2. Woo Hoo for the nursing!
3. Hilarious about the middle finger. He will stop that some day so don't worry about it!
4. Yes!! Chop the hair!! I loved it when it was short! Young and sassy!!