October 3, 2009

Size 4, Triple Wide

So I took Tyler to HC, our favorite children's shoe store for his first pair of shoes. Yes, you read that correctly! First pair of shoes. I've never put my little babies in shoes, can't be comfortable or necessary on someone so little. Now that he is pulling up and cruising and is a big one year old we figured it was time. Each of our boys have gotten their first pair of shoes with the talking tree. They have all been the same shoe too, just different sizes. Well when I took Tyler in today they measured his foot without socks on. She looked at his foot after measuring and mentioned that she'd bring out out the 4 wide. That shoe didn't fit so she went back to get another pair. I figured she was getting a bigger size...but no, a WIDER shoe in the same size! After getting those on his feet and letting him cruise around I told her we'd take that pair. I asked her what size we ended up with and she said a 4, triple wide!!!! I laughed out loud!

* I'll add a picture with him wearing his new shoes soon...the shot above was my only chance to get a picture of him - my photographer wasn't with me! He was home working on the playset.

**Ty went to sleep tonight without nursing for the first time. I might be officially done nursing.


Curtis and Tricia said...

Those are some big feet! I bet he looks so cute in those size 4 triple wides!!

charing said...

Just so you know you are not alone, I never put shoes on my babies either.
Ty looks like he sat so nice while getting measured.