October 3, 2009

Growing Up!

Last night Wilson got to go to Fabtastic Friday at our church. It is for K-5th graders. They ate pizza at church and then went bowling. I was so proud of him for going! He was super excited and looked forward to it for over a week. When he got there he did get nervous and tried to change his mind but Andy convinced him to stay and he ended up having a fun time! It was weird having Wilson out doing something on his own - crazy that we have a child old enough for that now! It was nice but different! Luke was pretty sad that he didn't get to go so we let him choose where to eat for dinner (he wanted a hot dog from 5 guys) and then came home for game time. I put Ty to bed and me, Luke and Andy played games. It was fun! We played Cooties, Bob the Builder Memory and Diego dominoes. When Wilson came home he was all excited and told us about bowling and how much fun he had. Good times :)

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Debbie said...

Sounds like a perfect night all around.