October 24, 2009

The Appointment

Andy and I met with the Play Therapist today to discuss Wilson's worrying. We walked out of there both feeling great and knowing that this was the next step we needed to take. We were really happy meeting the PT. She seems very down to earth, understanding and she is a Christian. This is a Christian counseling group so we knew that going in, but she prayed with us before we left and it just felt right...

We talked to her about the types of things Wilson worries about. We gave her numerous examples that have occurred over the last couple months. Told her about his nervous habits he does when he is anxious and answered her questions. She reaffirmed us and told us that it sounds like we are doing a really good job helping him manage his anxiety by talking him through things yet still pushing him to try new things. She agreed that there does indeed seem to be a problem and through some play therapy sessions she can help him learn how to deal with his worries. She explained how she'll talk to him and some strategies she'll use. Andy or I can stay with him for as long as he needs one of us to while he is there. Meaning she won't try to separate him from us during his appts unless it just happens naturally without causing him more anxieyt. Everything about the appt went well and felt right. I'm so thankful we took this step and look forward to how it will help Wilson deal with his anxiety. Thank you, Lord!

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