October 7, 2009

Tree House (aka Sky Castle!)

I finally took pictures of the tree house Andy has been building. The boys are thrilled beyond words. The playset part of the tree house isn't finished but the tree house part is complete. This week Andy finished the beam for Ty's swing. He loves his swing! Notice his new shoes in the picture too...you can't even tell they are triple wide, huh?! Wilson and Luke love going up in the tree house with their friends. The ladder is so cool- when you step on the ladder it slides down about 9 inches which opens the trap door to the tree house. So when they are up there the trap door is closed and they are safe! I know there will be many fun times in the club house with friends! The boys are SO lucky to have a daddy willing to design and build a treehouse for them. Thanks to Poppy and Uncle Bill for helping Daddy too!

Inside the treehouse!


Erin said...

How freaking cool! Andy rocks!!!!

Anonymous said...

SO cool!

charing said...

What an awesome treehouse. The boys are really lucky. Lots of memories to be had.