October 20, 2009

Fall is here!

Isn't this a beautiful color! I had driven by this tree a couple of times and decided I wanted to walk to it to see it even better and get a picture. Tyler and I walked yesterday to get the picture. It is even better in person. Last week for fall break we went to Great Wolf Lodge with my side of the family. It was SO much fun! I seriously want to go back again! It was tough having a baby because of naps and him needing to be held while at the water park. But Andy and I did have fun taking turns riding the big tube water slides and we did the lazy river as a family. My mom kept Ty so the four of us could ride the group tube slide. That was fun! Then my dad, sister and I rode the "roller coaster" water slide. GWL is so cool! The kids enjoyed not only the waterpark but also the halloween trail that was inside and the arcade. Our room was nice and the kids got to sleep in the Wolf Den Lodge. You can click the name of the room to see a picture of what it looked like. We were too busy having fun and watching kids in the water to take pictures. On our way up to the Lodge we shopped at IK*EA and then on the way home we stopped at a GREAT outlet mall. We bought just a few things at Ik*ea (seriously spent less than $8!) and 1 thing at the outlet malls (a large le creuset crock for holding all of my spatulas etc on the counter)- but I could have spent a lot more!! We went in maybe 4 stores because of kids and time etc. But I know where it is now and I plan to go back!

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Kara said...

We're going to Great Wolf in a few weeks...I can't wait! I'll have to talk Michael into stopping at the outlets. I've been wanting to check them out!