June 18, 2010

LA - Day 3

Saturday morning I woke up early again. I had trouble sleeping past 6 am in LA. Funny how I don't have that problem here! I got out of bed and went down to The Strand - a huge walking/running path that was down by the beach. It was an extra wide sidewalk. I exercised and then walked to the bagel shop and had a bagel. The morning was relaxing. We all walked around downtown and went in a few shops. Cara and I lounged on the deck with our books.
The rooftop deck. It also had two reclining lounge chairs to lay on. Nice!
The view from the rooftop deck. See the pier?
Cara and I also got a pedicure! It was great! Then we met up with my cousin, Allison who lives in LA. We went to Downtown Disney together for dinner. I was super excited to spend the afternoon/evening with Allison! We grew up together. We loved playing and spending the night at each others houses. A lot of my childhood memories involve Allison! So is was great to have so much time together. We were able to talk about her upcoming wedding, life plans, my boys, etc. It was great! Once we got to Downtown Disney our first stop was the Lego Store. If you know my Wilson you understand that I definitely had to go in this store! It was cool. I took lots of pictures and texted Andy from the store with pics multiple times so he could show them to Wilson. We looked in a couple other stores and then ate dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. The food was good and the atmosphere was cool! We walked around a bit more, I finished buying the boys' souveniers and then we drove back to the beach house. I went for a walk on the beach and called Andy. It was a beautiful night!

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Allison said...

Hey! It was so good to see all of you. I wish KY was closer!! PS - i just saw your photos from sprinkles and am craving a cupcake now.