June 7, 2010


Well, Tyler found out something he likes about the pool today. The snack bar! After my PD today I came home and our whole family went to the pool for a couple hours. Andy bought a cinnamon sugar pretzel to share with the boys. All 4 of them ate it. Every chance Ty had, he tried to walk back over to the snack bar. It was hilarious! I guess he thought we'd buy him another snack if he kept walking over there! He loves his food. :)

At home, before we went I tried to get him into his swim gear. He kept fussing and fighting me. Then when we got to the pool he was acting the same way as he did Saturday, wanting nothing to do with the water. We finally got him in for a bit and then he just walked around the edge with me following closely behind! It's going to be hard to go with all 3 alone unless he realizes he can stand at the side in the water and play or sit in the super shallow part...

See Gayla, I already ppsted again!

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