June 25, 2010

A Trip to the Library

Yesterday I took the boys to the library. They love to go! It was so funny to me their unique book choices:
Wilson- all non-fiction books (surprise surprise) about: volcanoes, floods, policemen, bomb squad
Luke- Curious George (the collection), Dr. Seuss, a book about rhyming
Ty- too busy at the train table to pick any books (mommy picked 2 for him)
Me- The Memory Keeper's Daughter, 5 easy to read books for Wilson, and the George and Martha collection by James Marshall! Those were my favorite books growing up. Yesterday I saw the Collection with all of them in one book! I was so excited. So the boys are going to listen to those too!

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Julie said...

The Memory Keeper's Daughter was a great book! You will enjoy it. It's set in Lexington too!