June 9, 2010

LA here I come!

So in about 8 hours I will be awake and getting ready to leave. Cara and Jason are picking me up around 4:30am. Then we are driving to the airport and our flight leaves that airport at 7:40am. I still need to pack my suitcase. I haven't started yet. These past few days have been filled with PD, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and time with the boys. Now they are bathed and in bed so it is time to pack! The fridge and cabinets are full. The upstairs is clean. The laundry is caught up. The menu is planned. A list of ideas for what to do while I am gone is written on the fridge. I've told Andy things he already knows - today he said I was acting like he knew nothing about taking care of the kids! He reminded me that he is a semi-stay-at home dad! I know Andy, it's just to give me peace of mind! I totally trust you, you are a wonderful dad!

I am excited about the trip but nervous and sad about leaving my boys at the same time. It will be really good for me to get away but I am definitely not used to this! I cried putting Tyler to bed tonight. Wilson and Luke are a little easier because we've talked about it and they understand where I am going and when I will be back. Plus, they will talk to me on the phone! Tyler's just so young still! But he will be fine. (I've left 2 nights with Andy on our 7th anniversary before Ty was born...but we saw the boys on one of those days b/c we were in town. Then I left for less that 24 hours for a women's retreat before Ty was born...but that is it. Except for when I was away from wilson overnight at the hospital having Luke! And away from W&L when I was at the hospital having Ty! But they came to visit me!) So now you have perspective on why this is so hard for me :)

I am so happy to be going along to help Cara and Jason with the kids. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel with them and help them out. Here is a link to where we will be staying! They are there 2 weeks, I will be home in 5 days. I am also looking forward to seeing my cousin, Allison who lives in LA! I'm excited to be travelling to the West Coast as I've never been further than Texas before.

Just pray for Andy and the boys over the next 5 days. It is so hard being the "single parent" when the other parent is out of town. For safe travel for me and my sister's family. For me to be able to enjoy my time away from the kids and just enjoy CA! Time to pack and sleep!!

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