June 6, 2010

Summer Time!

So happy that summer is here! I finished packing up my room on Friday. Tomorrow I have PD all day and then I'm free! Thankful that this year is over. It was tough! Wilson is so excited to be a 1st grader, but more on that with his own post. The boys and I went to the pool yesterday to get summer started off right! It was fun. Ty did not like the pool at ALL for about 20 minutes. He stood on the wet concrete next to the pool and wouldn't even play with his toys. Finally somehow Andy was able to get him on his lap playing catch with me. He got braver and braver. As we played Andy kept inching in a little bit further until the water was on Ty's legs quite a bit. He realized that the pool is a fun place and did not want to leave with Daddy for his nap. Wilson, Luke, and I stayed an hour longer. The big boys jumped right in and did so well in the water! I was proud of them.
I leave for CA on Thursday morning way early and will be home Monday night. That week is our church's VBS so I'll be helping with preschool VBS Tuesday-Friday. This summer I'm just looking forward to time with the boys, going to the pool, reading some good books, and just relaxing! I've also started my morning exercise routine I'm going to try and make a habit over summer break. I woke up Friday and Saturday to exercise. Sunday is my day off from exercising I guess because I let myself sleep in today! Hoping to stick to my plan.
Our other plans this summer include going to Gatlinburg with all of Andy's family. We're also hoping to take a couple day trips as a family. Summer flies by - I want time to stand still!!

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