June 6, 2010

Wilson, 1st Grader!

Wilson finished Kindergarten! He is so excited about being a 1st grader. He made so much progress this year in Kindergarten. I am SO proud of him. He went from not even being able to walk to his classroom b/c of his fear to leaving as soon as the bell rang to go help Mrs. Dowd. His teachers were wonderful with him. He made several friends, one best friend, and was a nice helpful boy. He received so many compliments for his behavior, being a friend to his classmates, and being helpful by sweeping the cafeteria and helping in the classroom. Those things are SO important. He also made lots and lots of progress with his academics! He learned so much in reading and math. I got to look through his writing journal on Thursday and see the sentences he had written. He earned an award "Non-fiction Enthusiast" because he loves reading non-fiction books. Since Luke had an end of pre-school celebration Wilson planned one of his own! It was adorable really. He chose O*Charley's for dinner Thursday night and wanted to get his free scoop of icecream from Grae*ter's for dessert. He tried to talk us into a new Lego as well...but we said no! I forgot my camera for his Kindergarten recognition ceremony and am too lazy to try and figure out how to get the pics from my iphone onto the computer. Maybe I can add it to the post from my phone? So proud of you Wilson!

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