June 20, 2010

LA - Day 4

So my last day in LA was another great one! I exercised early in the wonderful 60 degree temps and then had a bagel and Jamba Juice while reading my book outside. Later in the morning we all got in the car to drive to Hollywood! I was excited. We walked down Hollywood Blvd. to see some of the stars on the sidewalk, saw the Chinese Grauman's Theatre, and even saw the red carpet for the premier of Toy Story 3! We didn't see anyone famous but it was cool to see it all set up. We ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (you've probably seen their frozen yellow pizza boxes in the grocery) and saw the Hollywood sign. When we'd had enough of Hollywood we drove back to Manhattan Beach. We grilled out chicken & veggies, and had couscous, salad and bread. It was delicious! I packed and got ready to come home. And that's a wrap.

Tim McGraw, one of my old favorites!

*Andy has promised to go back to CA with me and the boys to see: San Diego, San Francisco, Yosemite, Lego Land etc! He's been to CA and has always wanted to take a trip out west with the boys as well. So it didn't take any convincing!

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Anonymous said...

I have heard that Lego Land is awesome! So glad you had a good time!!