September 2, 2007

The Joys of a 3 Day Weekend!

Ahhh...a 3 day weekend. Just alleviates so much stress! I feel like I have all the time in the world this weekend! We've been busy though. Friday I went to Culver's for an after school ice-cream social. We went to just hang out for a while, great turn-out and the Twix Swirl icecream was soo good!

Wilson and I went to my school for a little while on Saturday to pick up something I'd forgotten. He had such a good time we ended up staying for over an hour. I didn't mind because I got some stuff done while he played and worked! I did lots of birthday shopping for September birthdays as well. I went to the Half Price Bookstore & Joseph Beth and got my niece, Meghan several of my old favorites (BabySitters Club, Harriet the Spy, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Hatchet, Anne of Green Gables & Little House in the Big Woods). She is an avid reader and found out today that she has read most of them already! Anyway this made me reminisce of all the books I read as a child and went to my mom's house today to get all of my old books. Wilson and I went during Luke's nap so we stayed to visit and left with maybe around 200-300 books. I have a bag full for my classroom, 4 bags for Meghan to go through, and 2 bags to take to the Half Price Bookstore to sell. It was fun to see all the old books Cara and I read! (over 50 were The Baby-Sitter's Club!)

Luke's room is slowly turning into more of his room rather than his room/our old office. Andy and I moved out our big bookcase last weekend. Today I bought him his own little bookcase and we're moving all the board books off Will's bookcase into Luke's room. I'd love to buy him a small dresser for his clothes and get rid of the changing table. I have a cedar chest I wish we could move out of his room but there is no where to put it in our current house. We're bursting at the seams! The only possibility would be moving it into the living room under the windows (which I really don't want to do). I did read on John Rosemond's website that if you want your children to get along, have them share a room! I suggested to Andy that when Luke moves out of the crib maybe we should try that idea!!

Today we went to church and out to eat to celebrate Meghan's 10th birthday, which is tomorrow! It was fun. Speaking of birthdays, last night I dreamed that I totally forgot Will's birthday and went through the entire day and Andy reminded me in the evening that it was Will's birthday. I remember being sooo upset that I hadn't remembered or made a cake. When I woke up from the dream in the middle of the night I was really upset and thought to myself "you have never forgotten his birthday and you never will..." I've been having a really hard time remembering things lately, my mind is just in a fog or something. AHHH, now I'm even dreaming about it!

Tomorrow we might go swimming and then we're having a Labor Day cookout at my maw-ma's. Really looking forward to that! I have a couple miscellaneous pictures I want to post!

This first one is a flashback to Madelyn's 4th birthday party! Jason and Cara rented a jumpy thing and my family had sooo much fun jumping in it after the party ended!

The next picture is in CELEBRATION of Caroline's new food: EGGS!!! Yippeee, she passed the food challenge on eggs this year! Caroline, you spunky thing, you just keep right on outgrowing those awful allergies, girl!! We love you!!

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