September 19, 2007

New recipe!

Well after much deliberation (on Andy's part) I was able to convince him to let me try a new recipe. It was for salmon patties which I found here, at Jenn's cousin's blog. I never liked salmon croquettes when I was growing up. I remember my mom made them occasionally and I HATED that meal! But, I ate it because that was what was for dinner. Andy has similar memories tied to his mom's salmon croquettes (When did we change the name from croquettes to patties? Much prefer patties!). His memory involves something with sneaking his salmon into the trashcan... So why did I want to make these?? They looked good and the recipe sounded good! Salmon is good for you!

Anyway, he really didn't want me to make them but I really did so I persisted. We ate them tonight. They were super fast to make and Andy liked them. Wilson liked them, Luke liked them, and guess what?! I even liked them! Score! I did add cheese in them as the recipe suggests as an option, used less oil to fry them in, and dipped 'em in ketchup. I just keep expanding Andy's food horizon. I'm so proud of my wife-y qualities!! (hahaha) It worked out well because we were able to visit with Ted and Cynthia which was nice. This was just my second time to meet Ted's new wife and she seems really nice! Wilson (after showing off for a while) sat down near Cynthia and kept talking to her about his cars. So cute! As they were leaving we had a medical person come out to our house as part of our life insurance application. Then we made our quick, delicious dinner and rushed off to church. It was a busy Wednesday!

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