September 15, 2007

Thank Goodness for Grandmas!

Wow, what a day! Wilson woke up way too early for a Saturday and was in a MOOD. We had hours until we were supposed to be at Madelyn's 10am soccer game and Andy was already off to be ready for the youth yardsale. Wilson was getting very angry at his toys for not doing what he wanted them to do. He was also getting upset with Luke for no reason. No matter what I said to him he just wouldn't calm down. So, what did I do? Called my mom!

Me: Hey mom, what are you doing today?
Mom: Going to Madelyn's game, grocery, and watching the game tonight.
Me: So Wilson is needing a little Gramma time, he is in a MOOD!
Mom: Well he can come home with me after the game for a while. We'll go to my school and play the drums.
*** a few hours into the visit with Grandma**
Mom: Hey, just checking in. Didn't want you to worry. We've been busy. Wilson's just not ready to come home yet.
Me: Ok! Sure, 6:15 is fine!

Wilson went home with Grandma and Grandpa and had a GREAT day! They went to mom's school so he could play the drums, he shopped at the school's book fair and got lots of attention. They read, watched a movie, and cooked. She called to check in a couple times and kept telling me "he's not ready to come home yet." So he didn't come back home until 6:30, just in time for dinner. He was a wonderful boy at Grandma's with a good attitude. As soon as he got home he was back to acting the way he did this morning. He didn't want to eat. He didn't want to take a bath. He screamed throughout the whole bath as Andy and I held him down and washed him. He was soo tired. And we had him in bed at 8pm. Hopefully after a good nights sleep he'll be in a better mood. It was a rough day and he was gone for the whole middle chunk of the day!

While he was gone I crashed during Luke's nap. I knew I was tired but I didn't realize how tired. Then after the update of "he's still not ready to come home, he's being so good and helpful (!)" I decided I needed to get some work done. So the house is straightened, the laundry is started, the sheets are changed, the dishes are washed, etc. Clean house, rested mama, and Wilson had a super time getting some much needed grandparent lovin'. Now, when do they start spending the night at Grandma's??!!

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