September 25, 2007

How to leave a comment :)

This post is for all of my dear readers and family that want to post a comment (I hope!) but just don't know how. I would love to hear your comments after you read a post! I get excited (sad, I know) when I see that someome has left a comment.

How to leave a comment:
1.After you read a post, click on the word comments at the bottom of the post.
2. If this is your first time to comment, choose No Google Account? Sign up here.
3. Then you simply enter your email address, a password and type your first name (or a nickname) for your display name. You aren't creating a new account really. I just use my email address and a password. Nothing new to remember.
4.From then on, when you want to leave a comment you just type in your comment, enter your email address and password and hit publish.

Hope it works!


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean, I love getting comments too! You are pretty much my only just know it makes my day to see one! Hope this one makes you smile!!!!! :)

Cara said...

Thanks for the step by step instructions! I always want to leave a comment but did not know how to!

Erin said...

So what are you going to be doing tonight around 9? Are you excited that Grays is starting again? Did you watch the spin-off? Are these silly questions to ask you on a blog?

Alyssa said...

Yea! comments!
Erin- I can't wait to watch Grey's! I didn't watch the spin - off but I kind of want to! Just hard to fit it all in!

Stephanie said...

I watched the spin off and it was not as good as grey's but not bad either. Grey's was good!

Erin said...

I watched Greys on Friday. I think it will be a good year I am just not sure that I like Lexie yet! Team Meredith!