September 6, 2007

Shiny White Teeth!

Wilson had his first teeth cleaning yesterday and he did incredibly well! He has been to the dentist before with Andy and I many times. He had his first official appointment about 6 months ago and screamed the whole time, so we decided to wait until the next visit to clean the teeth. That visit was more a consultation on his mouth problems (over bite, cross bite, small palate...). He did well, after growling at the dental assistant who cleaned his teeth! Yes, you read that right! He did growl once at her out of fear. It was soo funny! I held his hands the whole time and talked to him. The woman that cleaned his teeth was wonderful. So nice, and kept talking to him the whole time too. When the dentist came over to look at his teeth, the first words out of his mouth were "serious orthodontics later". Yikes! So I asked him if anything had self-corrected in the past 6 months (he had told us back then that might be a possibility) but, nope, it hasn't. So, good news is, I can just add the boys to my dental insurance this fall during open enrollment. He said there is nothing we need to do now to begin fixing the problems. He mentioned the age 6, so it seems we have a little time. Wilson's mouth is very narrow and small so his palate is going to have to be stretched (?) or whatever they do. Anyway, we go back in March and Luke is going to get his teeth cleaned then for his first time too!


Stephanie said...

The widening of the palate is not as horrible as it sounds....Meg did great with it. The worst part is the first day (you will need lots of Tylenol!!), but other than that it was pretty easy. Just tell Wilson he can talk to Meg about it! We also go to a great orthodontist who was LOTS cheaper than some others in fact, quite a few from church go there as well!

Boo said...

Glad he was such a big boy this time!! I'll make sure not to scare him so I never hear the growl!! :)