September 17, 2007

Girls Night!

Steph and I met at Starbucks Saturday night after the kids were in bed. Between the two of us that is 5 kids, so that's pretty good! We left our husbands at home with the sleeping children watching the UK football game (though Meg might have still been awake!). We had great conversation and a much needed chance to just talk, without chidren interrupting! We had lots to talk about because the time flew and suddenly over an hour and a half had passed and we knew it was time to head home. We both made it home to see the last 30 min. or so of the UK game which was a great ending! Go CATS! (I'm not a big football fan, but, was interested in a game such as that!) Anyway, while we were hanging out we made a plan to baby-sit each other's kids once a month (they are cousins and all!) so we can each have a monthly date with our hubby. Sounds like a great plan. Andy and Danny were both glad to hear that plan!
Do you like Starbucks? I'm one of the few in my family that does. But you gotta love Starbucks coffee. No, I am NOT one of those that don't drink Starbucks just because they are taking over every corner in our country. Order yourself a Tall-Nonfat-No Whip-White Chocolate Mocha. Go to Starbucks. Now. Get yourself one and see if you don't like it! (BTW, I'm also a fan of locally owned coffee shops too! (mmm...Mocha Josie, anyone?!)

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Boo said...

You've got lots going on!! I just caught up on your last few posts! A few comments:

Starbucks is AWESOME!

Thanks goodness for girls night, moms and naps!!!!

I'm totally getting the farm basket next year. I'm so jealous of your fresh veggies every week!!