September 21, 2007

BUSY week at school!

What a successful week! Monday my class became movie stars. We're making a video in honor of one student in particular. It has been such a neat relationship amongst my students this year. I'm keeping it vague so as not to breech any confidentiality. However, when the video airs on our school district television channel I'll send an email out so you can watch for it! My students did a great job making the video and reading about their friend on tape. I hope my interview turns out okay. He asked me a lot of questions, some I had a better answer for than others so hopefully through editing I won't look like the fool I felt like! I hate being interview/in the spotlight of attention.

Today my class had a poetry cafe. It was awesome! The room transformed into a cafe with colorful tablecloths, vases of flowers, coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies! Everything was donated this year for the cafe which is beyond awesome. It cost me $5 total. All it took was writing donation letters, picking up the stuff, and decorating. Oh, and teaching a poetry unit so the kids had some well written poems to share! As the guests came in the kids shared the poems in their collection with them. They also got their refreshments. Then after everyone had been through the line I started calling the kids up in small groups to read 1 poem out loud. We had a program listing all the kids names and poem titles. It was impressive! Guess how many guests I had in my room alone! I have 24 students. I had 40 guests! So there were a lot of people in my classroom today! We had lots of food leftover, the parents loved the cafe, and the kids felt like they accomplished something huge. And they did.

I love my teammates! They are the best. We all helped deliver donation letters, pick up donations, make calls for donations, etc. Everything is easier with teamwork! Thanks, ladies! What is the next thing we need to tackle?!?!

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Boo said...

I love our team too! You all are the greatest! We couldn't pull of fun stuff like the Poetry Cafe without each other! :)