December 10, 2007

Annual Christmas Play

Look at my precious boys! I am proud to say that they were both very brave and acted as a wonderful Shepherd and Sheep! Wilson needed a little convincing on Saturday and then he was ready. He was a little concerned at first because he thought when he got a costume he was going to have to take off his clothes! After a little reassuring he was good. Luke did well at practice but then on Sunday kept telling me that he didn't want to be a sheep! Every time I mentioned it he said "no". During the play Wilson was VERY serious! He never smiled, just sat very still and quiet. Luke was up on the stage and down in my lap, back and forth. Then he realized sitting on stage was pretty fun so he stayed! Towards the end during Joy to the World he was front and center and dancing in his own calm way! It was SOO cute. I tried to take a video but my memory stick was full. It was fun!

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