December 22, 2007

Gingerbread Cookie House

That is what Wilson calls it anyway! The Gingerbread house is finally done! We made this a couple of week's ago at my mom's. You can read about that here. It is already suffering toddler damages. Two bushes Wilson and I made have been knocked over. By Wilson. He then proceeded to eat one of the pretzel sticks that made up the bush. Yum-o! I keep telling him you can't eat the candy off this house, it is gross!

My parents are taking the 4 grandkids to see Christmas Lights tonight! The boys are excited. They are borrowing Cara's minvan and all riding together. Andy and I plan to grab some dinner and keep cleaning this house. I've done a little, we've mostly been relaxing and enjoying vacation!

Last night I made soft tacos for dinner. I wrapped Wilson's up and was holding it up to help him eat the first bite since they fall apart. Well, he bit my middle finger so hard I screamed. Then somehow he bit down again. It hurt so bad I really thought the tip of my finger was broken. It swelled up and bled and he and I were both crying. He was really worried about me! I put some ice on it and it became numb quickly probably because of the throbbing and horrible pain! Andy says my pain tolerance is next to nothing (give me some credit I HAVE birthed two big boys!! Ahem... Epidural aside) but it hurt so badly! I tried to be tough for Wilson but tears were streaming down my face. You'll be glad to know I survived. The finger is sore today, it is a miracle I can even type... Just kidding, I'm full of drama... just ask my husband!

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Andy said...

To read about another of Alyssa's amazing injuries check out the July 28th post-I love you sweetie!