December 8, 2007

Luke Update

Well, Luke has been eating, just only when it is something he likes! Still no success in the try new things department. He even refused Hoppin John this week which he always used to love. We're still not giving in to him though. If he doesn't like what is for dinner he doesn't get anything else. Thankfully each night there has been at least something he'll eat so it hasn't been as awful as it was on this day and this day. I'm not sure why he is so picky. He didn't learn it from Wilson! Textures also seem to be an issue. Last week we got hamburgers and he took a bite, ate the bread and spit the meat back out. Thankfully he does like cheeseburgers from McDonald's (minus the pickle).

We're heading over to Gamma's today to make Gingerbread Cookie Houses (as Wilson calls them) and to decorate Christmas cookies! Wilson has been looking forward to this for.ever. He is really excited! I'll post pics later. We also have play practice for the church Christmas play (keep your fingers crossed, Wilson is supposed to be a Shepherd and Luke a Sheep!). I did get some Christmas shopping done last night so I feel like I've started now! I bought 4 gift plus ordered 2 more online. Yipee! Tonight Andy and I have a date night (I'm actually dressing up, in a black dress! Shocking!) and I'm really excited about that. We're going to dinner with friends from school. I'll have lots to post later!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry!! He won't be picky forever and you won't starve him either! Lots and LOTS of kids have texture sensitivity and they seem to grow out of it. My nephew is 2 1/2 and still will only eat turkey and McDonalds chicken nuggets (no other kind) or cheese pizza. Kids are so funny!!!