December 20, 2007

Two posts in 1 day means school is out!

It also means I am stuck at home due to a sick Lukie (virus), Wilson (bronchitis) and Andy (sinus infection). Andy and Wilson are on antibiotics so Wilson is on the mend. Andy just started his today. Luke hasn't thrown up since 11:30 last night so he is on the mend too.

**I've updated my list from what I did today!! Yay me!!
School is Out Checklist
_X _ Finish Christmas shopping ( I haven't even started for Andy yet. Other than his stocking.)
_X _ Wrap gifts
___ Clean ENTIRE house
_X_ Mail Christmas cards (did today!)
_X _ Catch up on laundry
___ Weekend Getaway with Andy
___ Get a massage!
_X _ Get LOTS of sleep
_X_ Watch movies (Watched one last night! More needed though!)
___Celebrate 7 year anniversary!
___Plan Wilson and Luke's birthday party
___Work on National Board stuff
_X _ Get a book to read for fun over break Something Borrowed
___Get all 3 boys feeling better (Almost there)
___ DO NOT GET SICK! (fighting off what Andy and Wilson have)
_X_ Start Exercising...Again (Went on a 2 mile walk with Wilson today!)
_X_ Update Blog (Check. Check.)
_X_ Find long lost friends on facebook! (Are you starting to see why the other things towards the top of the list aren't checked off yet?!)

Hopefully I'll get a lot done in the next few days before Christmas!

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Erin said...

I hope the boys feel better soon!