December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

What a wonderful Christmas season! It has been busy around here. The pictures above are from Christmas at our house, my maw/paw's, my parents, and at our house with Andy's family. We had a great time with both sides of the family. On Christmas Eve we had dinner at my sister's house. On Christmas morning we opened presents at home and then went to my Maw-maw's for breakfast and presents. I really enjoyed seeing my cousins, Allison and Justin! Allison came from California! After going home for a nap we went to my mom and dad's house for presents and dinner. Two days later Andy's parents arrived and we celebrated with a big breakfast at our house and presents. Then that evening we went to Danny and Steph's for dinner. Great times! Favorite christmas presents:

Wilson- high hat for his drumset

Luke- Thomas train set and lamp

Alyssa- Ipod dock alarm clock

Andy- movies (Back to the Future Trilogy and Christmas Story)

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