December 31, 2007

Getaway Weekend!

Well, I'm happy to report that Andy and I had a wonderful 7year anniversary! The getaway weekend was SOO what we needed. No responsibilities! Sleeping in! Eating out without highchairs! No diapers to change! I have to admit I did get a little upset the first night worrying about the boys. So we called to check on them, I talked briefly to each one (they were having too much fun with Mimi and Poppy!) and then I felt better. Andy and I had a restful weekend. On Saturday we checked into our hotel around 3:30-4:00. We lounged around and left around 6 to go shopping. We went to a few stores and then to Qdoba. We enjoyed our dinner and headed back to the hotel. Sunday morning we woke up (I didn't sleep past 8:15 but I let Andy sleep till 9:30 before waking him up!) and walked to Panera for breakfast. I had a sesame bagel with low-fat cream cheese and Andy had a Cinnamon crunch bagel. We took our time eating and looking through the paper, trying to agree on a movie! We decided on I am Legend. We met Andy's family for lunch and saw the boys which was nice. Andy's parents were heading back to Florida and we wanted to say goodbye. We then went to the mall and a couple of other stores looking for a camera for me! We bought Andy a new pair of tennis shoes with some Christmas money. Then we took a long nap! We had reservations at PF Chang's at 8 so we got ready for dinner and a movie. Delicious dinner- lettuce wraps, Cashew and Almond Chicken and fried rice. It is one of my favorite restaurants. I hope to go back for my b-day. Then to the movies, which we hadn't been to since last Christmas! We both really enjoyed the movie (I am Legend). Then back to the hotel which I am happy to report that I slept in until 10:15!! It was heavenly. Sleep without interruption. Ahhhh... But man did we miss our boys! We walked over to Panera again for another yummy breakfast(asagio cheese bagel for me and pecan roll for Andy). You should also try Panera's Caramel Latte (skim milk and no whipped cream) it is good. I had one both days! The first day Andy had Panera OJ but it was too pulpy (he likes pulp free) so today he walked over to McDonald's for his OJ and brought that into Panera. It was much more to his liking! We had to pick up something at Target and a SD card for my new camera at Radio Shack and then we went to get the boys around 12:30. Once we came home Andy ordered the camera for me! So excited, can't wait!


Boo said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm so glad you guys got to get away! AND school is cancelled!!! Wahoo!

brookeh said...

Alyssa - I can't believe you've been married 7 years! It feels like just yesterday that we were at your wedding. We just celebrated our 4th, which is also hard to believe. My how time flies! -Brooke (Johnson) Hiltz