December 28, 2007


Well, we had a wonderful Christmas! Mimi and Poppy (Andy's parents) are staying with us right now. We're having a really nice visit! We celebrated Christmas with Andy's side of the family yesterday. I have lots of pictures to post. But it will be a few days before I get to that! Tomorrow afternoon Andy and I leave for our weekend getaway! We'll be celebrating 7 years of marriage! We're really looking forward to 2 nights away. We have reservations to PF Chang's on our anniversary. We plan to go see a movie! And make good use of the black out drapes...sleep without interruption? What is that like?? Sleeping in without "Mommy wake up. It's time to get up!" (Yes, I sleep until my boys wake me up, when I can!) I have to admit I'm a little worried about leaving my boys. Not because of who I'm leaving them with (Andy's parents Saturday night and my parents Sunday night) but because I never spend the night away from them. I've never been away overnight from Luke. I've spent two nights away from Wilson - when I was at the hospital having Luke. I'm just worried about how they'll do without me. (That is my anxiety talking!) I know they'll be fine. I just don't want them to be worried or needing me (anxiety creeping in again). BUT, I'm really looking forward to our getaway weekend. Maybe we'll take some pictures. If we remember the camera! Christmas pics to come...later!

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sarah said...

I am sure you and Andy will have a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary!