December 20, 2007

Luke = Sick

Yesterday morning when Luke woke up Andy found a nasty surprise in the crib- throw-up. Luke was sick. He threw up one other time in the morning and just layed around all day wanting to be held. I stayed home from my small group's Christmas party and he seemed to be doing a bit better. I gave him Pedialyte and a few crackers. Things were good until about 11:30 when we heard him cry. He had thrown up in his bed again and was pitiful. I scooped him up, covering my sweatshirt in puke and held him. Got him undressed and wiped down. Then into new pj's and layed him in bed with me. He had a fever and still does this morning. We haven't thrown up yet today, he won't eat the toast or crackers I've offered but keeps saying he wants breakfast. I've given him Pedialyte and motrin since he has a fever. Hopefully he'll keep those down. Andy isn't feeling well this morning either... Not the best way to start Christmas break! I had plans! I wanted a clean house and wrapped presents and playtime with the boys! But maybe today I'll just be holding Luke which is fine, he keeps saying "snuggle" in his pitiful voice. Just pray he gets well soon. We had another Christmas party tonight and I don't want to miss two in a row. Oh well, that happens when you're a mommy. Why is it that every winter break it seems one of us is sick???

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