April 1, 2008

Ahhh...this is the life!

I love Spring Break! Although, I will admit I was in a bit of a bad mood Sunday night and part of Monday. Why you ask? On a week off? Feeling like crap. But the second half of Monday, yes, even into the evil time of day (late afternoon/evening) I felt pretty good. I guess I don't know what it feels like to feel normal anymore. But I'll take pretty good. So yesterday I had my hair trimmed and highlighted, lunch at my grandparents, planned our camping menu, and started laundry. Then we took the boys to their first ever movie theater movie! We went to see Horton Hears a Who. It was cute! Wilson was in a trance stuffing his mouth with popcorn. Luke sat in Andy's lap the first half and switched to my lap the second half. It was fun. We wrapped up the kid evening with dinner and playing at Mcdonald's! Talk about Andy and I being awesome parents! Movie with popcorn and McDonald's with playland! We totally rock.
Today I have baby appointment #3. I've been to both of the others alone which is fine, just totally different from the first two pregnancies! I think Andy had missed 1 or maybe two appointments with Luke. None with Wilson. But, that's what happens with 2 kids! I don't want to parade in with the whole family for every appointment, that's for sure!! (Hi, yes, I'm here for my appointment. We don't have a baby-sitter or birth control. All said while smiling big so the lady doesn't think we're loony). All around the appointment we're getting ready for camping! I've planned the menu, still working on the laundry, made trail mix. Which I have been craving and wanting to make. Now I have my excuse. It has yogurt raisins, almonds, honey roasted peanuts, sesame sticks ( I LOVE these!), craisins, and M&M's. It is yummy. Wilson and I made it this morning. Then I made Andy's- honey roasted peanuts and m&m's. That's all he liked out of what I chose. He would want peanut butter M&M's, dried pineapple, pretzels. He does like the yogurt raisins I think, but they are all in the big bowl.
We're taking my grandparents old camper. Which I am excited about! I think it will make camping a little bit easier with the two boys. We're going with Danny, Steph, Meghan, Lily, Trey, and Uncle Bill. It will be fun!
Here is the menu:
Dinner #1- Marinated BBQ Chicken grilled over campfire, potato packets (potato slices, onions, butter, salt, pepper) all wrapped in foil and cooked over campfire, green beans, and french bread
Followed by smores later!
Breakfast #1- Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Hot Chocolate - It's gonna be cold!
Lunch #1- Sandwiches, chips, fruit
Dinner #2- Hot Dogs on campfire, mac & cheese, fruit
Follwed by smores later!
Breakfast #2- oatmeal, hot chocolate
We plan to hike! Play in the dirt! Sit around the campfire! Nap! Read! Enjoy the outside. I think I'm finally excited!
P.S. The National Board box should arrive to it's final destination today!

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Sarah said...

Have fun!! Now I'm craving your trail mix!!